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Who we are

Wordmakers has provided corporate PR and copywriting services for 20+ years.

In that time, we’ve covered pretty much every kind of assignment – from building well timed positive profile for financial services sector leaders to launching a new legal brand into a market leading position.

Whatever the work, a focus on detail, deadlines, client service, and driving results remains a daily source of pride and fulfilment.

Over our years in business, our objective has remained unchanged: +ve coverage for our clients within and across target channels.


Strategy Development
Media Relations
Media Training
Investor/Stakeholder Relations
Public Relations
Social Media
Internal Communications
External Communications
Change Management
Issues Management
Brand Strategy


Wordmakers can provide a specific estimate for an agreed brief and time frame.

What We Do

Wordmakers is a leading communications consultancy with an excellent grasp of media relations and communications strategy development. We understand and apply the right implementation techniques to drive positive results over time.

We are accustomed to working with C-level through to every level of an organisation – adopting a team approach with a focus on delivering excellent outcomes. Consistently.

We offer extensive experience in all aspects of corporate communications including internal and external communications, investor and stakeholder relations, media and public relations, copywriting, and brand strategy in both Australian and global settings.

Discipline, energy, intelligence, and imagination drive our approach.


Marjorie Johnston - Director

A unique set of skills and high-level client experience together with an intelligent approach, rapid grasp of strategy and objectives, energy and enthusiasm. Experience at Board and Senior Management level in high-pressure environments where deadlines are crucial, coupled with an ability to deliver on time and budget.

Extensive work with leading professional services firms and corporate and ASX-listed companies including leaders like KPMG, Minter Ellison, Ambition, Hastings Funds Management, AMA Group and Amcor.

Formerly Global Communications Leader at BHPBilliton. In that context achievements included developing and delivering a company-wide corporate communications strategy covering brand, internal and external communications and investor relations, working with Offices of the CEO, Chairman, Company Secretary, and CFO together with Divisional Presidents to deliver Annual Report, AGM and all Investor Relations events.

A published author and award-winning copywriter, with multiple qualifications from the University of Melbourne.

Rick Willis - Media Relations Strategist

Key point of difference is understanding the power of the media because he has worked in it.

After extensive experience in various aspects of mainstream newspapers, television, radio, multimedia, production, directing and editing including specialist fields of media relations, issues management and media training, offers innovative approaches and ways of making media highly effective for our clients.

Understands your message is important and helps you to engage with your stakeholders by communicating your key messages to your target audiences.

Anneliese Thompson - Administration Officer

Focussed on streamlining Wordmakers administration procedures including accounts management, media relations interface, and media database oversight and media coverage maintenance.

Excellent computer and office skills; proficient in Microsoft Excel. Fluent in Japanese.

Completing post-graduate studies in Law at Melbourne University having previously completed undergraduate studies in the United States.

Sue Johnston - Copywriter

Extensive experience in public relations, media, marketing, brand and event management. Excellent analytical and research skills, and a laser focus on detail.

Customer focused with an ability to deliver high-level messaging across a range of communications platforms.

Professional writer and founder of Keystone Communications with undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications from LaTrobe University and the University of Melbourne.

Hard to not be bullish – The Australian

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The unspoken dilemma – AFR:Feature

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Innovativity – Media Release 2013

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AICD – Issue 21

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ME Infrastructure – Media Release 2012

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ASIC’s language making industry nervous – Tim Stewart

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Takeovers policy must allow a change – The Australian

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Can banking take us all down? – AFR

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Hospitals explore social media – AFR

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Challenges to mining tax inevitable – AFR

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K2 Asset Management – Media Release 2011

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Lindsay Maxsted Reborn – AFR

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Credit squeeze made even tighter – AFR

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Norton Rose Group – Media Release 2009

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CEO Q&A: Tom Dery – BRW

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Computerworld Australia Article

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Our key deliverable is developing the right strategy and media tools to drive +ve coverage.

We specialise in taking a brief – and driving results to build excellent profile for both projects and ongoing image management.


If you would like to know more about our services or how we can assist you please contact us.

Email: info@wordmakers.com.au
Ph: +61 3 9654 4428
Fax: +61 3 9654 4418

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